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Hannah McQueen's Financial & Career Smarts Seminar

for parents & students

This generation faces an uphill battle in a challenging financial environment. Learn how to equip them with the financial & career smarts to succeed.


How to be Mortgage-Free & Retirement Ready in 10 years

Hannah McQueen shares her insights on how to get rid of your mortgage FAST, while taking the necessary steps to grow your wealth, so you can be retirement ready sooner.

Attend our 1-hour seminar to equip your teen with the smarts to succeed

Conditions teens must now survive in, and thrive in, are harder than for previous generations - and they’re not being equipped for it. That means they face an uphill financial battle in what is already a challenging financial landscape. Attend our educational seminar to hear the research behind the problem, the design behind the solution and the tools you can apply immediately.

Get tickets to our seminar!
Get tickets to our seminar!

Equip Your Teen For a Brighter Future

Today’s teens face major challenges – high house prices, expensive educations and an
uncertain workplace - and they’re not being prepared with the tools to succeed in that environment.

But Hannah McQueen is on a mission to change that. She’s spent more than a decade helping
Kiwis get ahead and grow their wealth and is a financial force of nature.

If you want your teens to be prepared and empowered to tackle the challenges ahead of them -
Hannah is the person to help!

Bring your teen to her Financial and Career Smarts seminar to learn the key skills they need to be
mastering and the strategies they need to be considering, but they’re not being equipped with.

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Financial & Career Smarts Seminar - Wellington

August 12, 2019


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