Get all the smarts for a better start

EquipMe is an online course which equips young adults with the career and financial smarts required for success in life.

Get all the smarts for a better start

EquipMe is an online course which equips young adults with the career and financial smarts required for success in life.

Get all the smarts for a better start

EquipMe is an online course which equips young adults with the career and financial smarts required for success in life.

Get all the smarts for a better start

EquipMe is an online course which equips young adults with the career and financial smarts required for success in life.

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Succeeding is harder than before

75% of millennials have a quarterlife crisis when they find they're not where they thought they would be, they're not making financial progress, or they're not happy with where their choices have landed them. This outcome is avoidable.

The problem is they're not being equipped with the knowledge and tools to deal with an increasingly challenging future. High house prices, expensive education, a life fuelled by debt and an uncertain job market have all left this generation feeling as though financial success is reserved for the rich.

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Designed for the real world

Financial success no longer happens by default. It requires much more than financial literacy - it requires financial and career smarts with a tailored strategy that takes into account who you are and plays to your strengths.

Should you go to university? Which careers suit your strengths? How much can you expect to earn in those careers? What sort of lifestyle do you want, and
what are your strategies to ensure you can afford it?

Too many students are sleepwalking into decisions that will impact the next 10-years of their life. EquipMe is an essential course for all students aged 16 to 22 to ensure they have the best start.

Equip yourself with strategies to thrive

After this course, you’ll have the tools you need to design the life you want.

  • Tailored, personalised and flexible wealth and career plan, with strategies that play to your strengths

  • Understand your unique natural talents and how to develop these into strengths that you can leverage

  • Learn the financial impact of your decisions, and how you can fast-track financial success

  • Get powerful skills that land you the job, then get you promoted

  • Take action towards owning a property sooner, investing in shares, setting-up Kiwisaver, and starting a side hustle

    EquipMe teaches valuable life skills that aren't taught in schools. It is delivered through 52 powerful lessons, engaging online video learning and expert one-on-one coaching.

One-on-One Coaching

Financial success happens by design and starts with a tailored plan. Our expert coaches work with you one-on-one to teach you the tools you need to master money, grow wealth, and build a career that leverages your strengths.

  • Talent & Strengths Coach
    We all have natural talents. The key is identifying these early, so you can focus your energy where you're most likely to excel.

  • Career & Employability Coach
    How do you stand out beyond good grades? We'll teach you the personal skills that get you hired and promoted, and design a career pathway that plays to your strengths.

  • Financial & Wealth Coach
    To set yourself up for a life you love, you need to know what it's going to cost. Then learn the wealth strategies to get you there. We'll show you how to position yourself to build wealth from a young age.

Financial Smarts course



This course is recommended for all students between the ages of 16 to 22. Click here to register for the course.

  • Within one year of completing the course you should have saved at least $3,000, within 5-years at least $30,000, and within 10-years at least $300,000

  • Spaces strictly limited to students on a first-in basis

  • To discuss whether the course is right for you, email our team or call us on 0508 378 4763

  • Alumni memberships are available to graduates

Before the course I only thought about the here and now, but now I think about setting myself up so I can have a successful future.

Zac, 17

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You learn how to not just follow what you’re interested in, but do it with your eyes open and know the costs and benefits.

Carmen, 18

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The course has provided me with information that’s made me confident I can actually achieve my dream of working for NASA.

Ben, 16

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The reason I wanted to do this course was I wanted to find out if my strengths matched my passions.

Joshna, 16

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For someone like me, who already knew what they wanted to do, it can help turn your ideas into reality. If you don’t have the slightest idea, I think you will be inspired.

Charlotte, 17

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Frequently asked questions

This stage in your life comes with big questions. And with EquipMe, you'll tackle those big questions to find your answers. For all your little questions in the meantime, try these FAQs.

How much does the course cost and how do I pay?

The normal course cost is $2,950, however there are discounts available to those who have attended a Financial & Career Smarts seminar or are enableMe clients. Contact us to see if you're eligible. Payment can be made online as part of registration, or via direct credit.

How private is the information I share?

All communication is private. Your personal information is shared between the coaches and facilitator while they work with you to design aspects of your individual plan. All group communication is held in a private and monitored Facebook group. All course work remains secure within the course platform.

Do my parents get access to the course?

No, but we encourage you to share your learnings and the findings from your coaching sessions with them.

How does the online course work?

The course is made up of 9 key learning modules, on highly relevant real-life topics including savings, debt, leverage, personal skills, and establishing networks. Each module is designed to take around two hours, but you have 16 weeks to complete the entire course, so you can do it at your own pace and fit it around your life. With a mix of reading, watching our videos and listening to our podcasts with experts in their field, answering questions, and even interviewing your own parents, the course is designed to keep you interested while you learn!

The modules are grouped into three main sections of learning, with each section having a one-on-one session with your own expert coach.  Each section will build on the material you've already learned, with your coaches working together to design a plan that is highly tailored to you and your strengths.

How do the coaching sessions work?

As part of your membership you’ll receive three one-on-one coaching sessions that are tailored to you and your strengths. These will be held via Video Calling at a time that suits. Our three independent experts are a Talent & Strengths Coach, a Financial & Wealth Coach, and a Careers & Employability Coach, all leaders in their fields. Working with these three coaches one-on-one has a combined value of $1,500. Plus you have the added benefit of our three coaches working together to formulate the ideal strategy for your unique situation.

How do I register?

To register, click here. You will be prompted to complete a quick questionnaire (2 minutes).  Once completed, press the “submit” button, and we will be in touch to advise if you have been accepted into the course. You will hear from us one way or the other after the course application close date.

Are placements in the course capped?

Yes. This ensures we can give personal attention to each student. We have three intakes per year.

What if I don’t finish the course?

The course fee is non-refundable however if, due to unforeseen circumstances, you can’t complete the course within your intake's timeframe, you can put the programme on hold until the next intake of students. You cannot complete your one-on-one coaching sessions until you have completed the prior sections of the course, as our experts will rely on your answers in order to give you tailored recommendations and advice.

Do I need to purchase anything else during the course?

No. The three sessions with coaches are included as part of the course. However, if you want additional support outside of the course structure, you can purchase more sessions as needed. On completion of the course, you can also extend your membership to include Hook Ups (to secure introductions to the ‘right people’) and Masterclasses.

What are the IT requirements?

You need to have access to the internet to view lessons and watch videos. You will need to be able to receive and reply to emails, view a Facebook page and record and upload videos. Most students use their phones to do this.